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The Food and Beverage industry is very demanding when it comes to the requirements for applications and materials used within the industry. There are strict hygiene and cleanliness requirements which exist in the food and drinks industry, which also apply to electrical components. All cables including power cables, data cables and flexible cables, but also cable accessories and cable glands within the industry hold complex requirements, which is the same for the bottling and food packaging plants.

All aspects of the food and beverage industry are taken very seriously when it comes to health and safety concerns. Cables and accessories used must be resistant to a vast array of chemical, physical and thermal stresses. This is in order for them to work efficiently and to the highest standard in refrigerated areas and moist environments, whilst still being functional at all times.

The top priority in food production is hygiene. As a result to this, resistance to harsh industrial cleaning and alkaline agents is very important as these are most commonly used during cleaning processes.

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